Finger food the infinite tailored taste experience.

Finger food the infinite tailored taste experience.

Finger foods also known as canapés are a fixed complimentary treat of coffee and tea breaks, cocktail parties, meeting breaks, party bites or buffets. The queen of easy to eat delicacies can no longer be thought away in the catering and the culinary industry. These fine treats are disappearing with just one or two bites in your mouth. They are small, decorative, infinitely variable and mouthwatering delicious. Just carry them around in a napkin and socialize with other people or meet friends. Instead of the strict table arrangements, finger foods convey the ambience of an informal gathering. All that and more speaks in favor of the bite-sized foods.

The small appetizers are crafted so that neither cutlery nor plates are needed to enjoy them. A napkin is enough! Served on platters or in a buffet setting, finger food invites you for a one or two bites taste experience. Since they are bite-sized snacks the temptation is great to try different kinds. A certain choice should be available for your guest. For a standing reception as well as cocktails party, where the finger food is complementary with different beverage offerings it is recommended to offer 6-8 different kinds per guest. If you serve finger food for a meeting break or a coffee break, it is recommended to serve about 4-5 appetizers per person.

It ranges from sweet to savory, from warm to cold, vegetarian to vegan with meat or fish, fruits to vegetables and all dietary restrictions you can think of. In a cup, in a small bowl, on a stick or on bread – endless possibilities!

Whatever treats you’d like to offer to your guests, with finger food you unlikely to disappoint.  One bite for the taste, two bites for the love.